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What Do Crocodiles Eat

Adult crocodiles on one of the most feared predators in the animal kingdom. What do crocodiles eat? What kind of diet do these massive...

Do Tarantulas Make Webs Why Is My Tarantula Not Webbing

Yes, tarantulas do make webs but they don't use their webs to catch prey like most spiders; instead, they hunt their prey. Some tarantulas...

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Coral Reefs The Tropical Rainforests Of The Sea

What Is Coral Coral is an invertebrate animal that is related to jellyfish and anemones. It lives in salt water, typically in warm tropical oceans....

How Alligators Survive in a Frozen Pond: They Snorkel

Alligators are cold-blooded animals, meaning their body temperature is determined by the temperature of their surroundings. When the weather outside starts to cool down,...

Do Fleas Have Wings And How Do They Move

No, fleas do not have wings. They are small and wingless however, they are excellent jumpers and can leap great distances for their size....

Stingrays Are Capable of Surfacing Several Feet in The Air in Mating Ritual

What Are Stingrays? Stingrays are a type of fish that belong to the same family as sharks. These bottom-dwelling creatures can be found in tropical...

Are Ostriches Dangerous

An ostrich is a large, flightless bird that is native to Africa. Ostriches are the largest living species of bird and can weigh up...

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