The Cape Buffalo Looks At You As If You Own Him Money

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The African buffalo also known as the cape buffalo is a large African bovine. It is not closely related to the slightly larger wild Asian water buffalo, but its ancestry remains unclear. Syncerus caffer caffer, the Cape buffalo, is the typical subspecies, and the largest one, found in Southern and East Africa.

The African buffalo is perhaps most notorious for its unpredictable and often dangerous nature. It is widely regarded as one of Africa’s most dangerous animals, and while the Cape buffalo is not as aggressive as some other species, it can still be very dangerous.

The African buffalo is a large bovine. Males can weigh up to 1000 kg (2200 lb) and females up to 900 kg


The African buffalo is found in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa. It prefers habitats with dense vegetation, such as forests, swamps, and floodplains.

The African buffalo is a herbivore, and its diet consists mainly of grasses.

The African buffalo is one of the Big Five game animals of Africa. The Cape buffalo is especially popular among big-game hunters, as it is considered to be a very challenging hunt.

Which Animals Make Up The Big Five?

The African buffalo, the elephant, the leopard, the rhinoceros, and the lion are the animals that make up the Big Five. They are known as the Big Five as they are the five most difficult and dangerous animals to hunt on foot.

Considered a very intelligent animal, the African buffalo has been known to lured hunters into ambushes, and even to stalk and ambush them.

Their natural enemies are lions, leopards, and hyenas.

Buffalo have been known to kill lions, and even to kill humans and have never been domesticated.

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