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Agulhas National Park

Agulhas National Park occupies the plain at the very tip of Cape Agulhas, which is the very southernmost tip of the African continent. This is no big game sanctuary – instead the park protects an estimated 2000 species of indigenous flora and fauna, including intertidal and marine life.

The Agulhas National Park also conserves an interesting historical and cultural heritage. About 250 ships have been wrecked and about ten times that number of lives have been lost at this most treacherous point of the African coast. A number of interesting artifacts have been found on the shore, as well as some interesting archaeological sites attesting to the habitation of this area in times long past.

There are some lovely trails around the park, which take in the coast, the fynbos, and the natural beauty of the place. The only facility at Agulhas National Park is the tea shop, situated inside the marvellous Agulhas Lighthouse, which is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm and whose top provides dizzying and marvellous views.