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An African Summer at the Beach When people think of a hot, sun-soaked holiday, most think of a beach holiday. From Cape Town’s icy swells to sweltering Seychelles, Africa’s beaches and islands are at their best in the first few months of the year. Unlike the rest of Africa Cape Town shrugs off its rainy […]
If you feel in danger of throwing your computer screen out the window or driving into the next person that cuts you off in the traffic, then it’s probably time you took a little break. But where? Ask anyone who’s been on safari and they’ll tell you that there’s nothing like a few days in […]
It’s the question we safari guides all dread the most: ‘Where’s the best place to go on an African Safari vacation?’ My response to that would be, what is the epitome of an African safari? Is it the rolling savannas of East Africa or the tangled bushveld of southern Africa? Africa is the birthplace of […]
If you are thinking of popping the question, you don’t neccesarrily need a diamond ring to express how you truly feel to the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with. What you need is a perfect place to make your proposal memorable and of course romantic. Africa has numerous great spots […]
Travelling should be more than just a holiday. There is a lot to take away from the experience of travelling, and so if you’re looking to reap the benefits, here are five ideas for a fulfilling travel experience. Go on a safari in Africa Head to the African plains for one of the most rewarding […]
Botswana is a country of seemingly endless open spaces. Though it occupies an area the size of France, the human population is only 1.6 million. This is one country where wildlife does not face stiff competition for land resources from man. As a result the animals have multiplied and flourished here. Luxury safari Botswana A […]
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The Swahili Coast of East Africa leaves a much more lasting impression to the visitor than your usual island destination. The region is an amalgam of exotic history, ancient cultures, and white sand tropical beaches. You have on these ancient shores excellent places to enjoy: the sun, exotic beaches, scuba diving, windsurfing, golfing, sailing, deep-sea […]
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As winter approaches in the northern hemisphere, the earth’s rotation round the sun means that summer beckons in the south. I admonish you- take a few days off and follow the sun! The best place to catch the sun in the coming holiday season is without doubt Cape Town. Cape Town’s claim to being the […]
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While on your Kenya Safari Vacation why not combine it by unwinding on some of the best beaches in Kenya. There are no beaches in Nairobi and the nearest beach to Nairobi would probably be Mombasa but its still 483.77 km away. If you are looking to do a safari then Nairobi would be a […]
Crowned by the brooding presence of Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Amboseli National Parks is one of Kenya’s most popular safari parks. Perhaps one of Africa’s postcard image is that of an elephant with a mountain on the background. Beyond the image, however, lies the story of Africa in the 21st century and the […]