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Blyde River Canyon National Reserve

This great escarpment is the kind of place where brochures and guide books run out of original adjectives to describe the fresh mountain scenery and magnificent panoramic views.

The Blyde River Canyon is one of the most spectacular in Africa and its cliffs rise between 600m-800m from the river bed. At the Three Rondavels viewpoint (also called The Three Sisters) is an unforgettable view of three huge rock spirals rising out of the far wall of the canyon. Their tops appear to have a hut-like rounded roofs.
Bourkes Luck Potholes

Where the Blyde River (river of joy) and the Treur River (river of sorrow) meet, water erosion has formed one of the most remarkable geological phenomena in the country, known as Bourkes Luck Potholes.

Over thousands of years, surreal cylindrical rock sculptures created by whirling water, have formed a series of dark pools which contrast artfully with the streaked white and yellow lichen covered rocks.
More Breathtaking Views

Following the road and the Treur River south, there are further viewpoints; Wonder View, Gods Window and the Pinnacle. Their names help to conjure up the indescribable enormity and vastness of the scenery, but nothing can take the place of the sheer wonderment you feel when seeing this kind of natural magnitude for yourself.