Mowani Mountain Camp, which is taken from the Swahili word M’wane meaning ‘place of god’, lies in an area of astounding beauty in the heart of Damaraland between the Ugab and Huab rivers. Discreetly built high up amongst massive red granite boulders, the lodge provides unsurpassed views over the vast unspoilt wilderness.

Mowani’s main complex, which consists of a cluster of 6 thatched dome-shaped structures, is very unusual as the style of architecture echoes the shape of the surrounding boulders. The sides of the bar, lounge and dining areas have been left open thus giving the complex a cool feel even on the hottest day.

There are pleny of ways to relax at Mowani Mountain Camp. The pool deck is lodged between boulders where you can soak up the sun whilst enjoying a refreshing drink and admiring the views. Adventures and activities available at Mowani include guided nature drives in search of the elusive desert elephant and hiking through magnificent scenery.

Twyfelfontein is a rare example of Bushmen engravings and paintings occurring at the same site. This wonderful archeological site offers more than 2,500 engravings as well as various paintings, and is probably the finest example of rock engravings in Southern Africa.

Mowani Mountain Camp is in the heart of Damaraland between the Ugab and Huab rivers, in Namibia.

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