Located in Etosha National Park, 17km from the southern entrance, Okaukuejo Resort is the oldest establishment in Etosha.

It currently functions as the administrative hub of the Park and houses the Etosha Ecological Institute from where all park research is monitored and conducted.

Okaukuejo Resort is famous for its floodlit waterhole, where a wide diversity of wildlife congregates and interacts. During the winter months the spectacle starts at dawn, as animals come in large numbers to quench their thirst, with exciting waterhole activity continuing deep into the night.

In the early evenings it is not uncommon to have black rhinoceros, elephant and lion all drinking at the same time.

The camp has a restaurant and bar, as well as a large swimming pool perfect for cooling off in the midday heat. The camp’s small shop sells the very basics, so it is recommended you stock up on your shopping beforehand.

Okaukuejo Resort is located 17km from the southern entrance of Etosha National Park, Namibia.

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