Twyfelfontein Lodge is situated at the heart of the Twyfelfontein Uibasen Conservancy in Damaraland. The area has a very delicate ecosystem and is renowned for some of the best examples of rock engravings in southern Africa.

The lodge is constructed with materials which reduce the visual impact on the environment and merge visually with the mountainside. Thatch roofs, natural stone and colour blend into the surrounding rock formations.

Day excursions at Twyfelfontein Lodge include cycling, hiking, nature drives and walks and guided safaris into the surrounding wilderness areas.

Discover interesting rock formations and the remainder of prehistoric volcanic action, and maybe come face-to-face with the desert-adapted elephant, rhino, giraffe, zebra and ostrich, among others, that have made the desert their home.

Twyfelfontein Lodge is situated in the Twyfelfontein Uibasen Conservancy in Damaraland.

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