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The main reason for visiting the remote and seldom-travelled-to town of Kigoma is to experience the legendary Gombe Stream National Park. This primate sanctuary was made famous by Jane Goodall in her African classic, “In The Shadow Of Man.”

Kigoma is a laid-back and attractive little town, located at the foot of a hill and characterised by grove after grove of mango trees. It is perhaps best known as one of the major ferry ports on Lake Tanganyika.

It was to Kigoma that the legendary steamer, the MV Liemba, was brought by rail by the Germans during World War I, assembled there, and used as a military expedition ship against the British forces in what is today Zambia. It still does the twice-weekly lake run, leaving Kigoma on Wednesdays and Sundays, war and weather permitting. A lake steamer trip is one of the ultimate African experiences for intrepid travellers.