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Liuwa Plains National Park

This pristine wilderness is found in the remote far west of Zambia, which to the bush fundi is possibly the biggest attraction. The name apparently originated from a legend. ‘Liuwa’ in the local dialect means walking stick, and the legend relates how Litunga (a Lozi King) planted his walking stick in the soil of the plain and it grew into a mutata tree. The legendary tree can still be seen.

The vast majority of this park is made up of golden undulating grass with a sprinkling of exotic palm trees, tree belts and the occasional pan. The game in this unusual park is as prolific as the birdlife. Often you will come unexpectedly on a pride of lion, a herd of blue wildebeest or even a pack of wild dogs.

This completely natural park has dramatic storms, which could have been taken from a Shakespearean play with great lightening bolts and dramatic thunder. This park of lush green and flowing gold is well worth a visit for the enthusiastic naturalist.