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Lochinvar National Park

This exceptionally beautiful park has few mammals but abundant birdlife. There are over 420 species in just 410 square kilometres!

It is made up of three distinct zones; floodplain, grassland and woodland. One of the more fascinating of these zones is the Kafue River floodplain. Due to the constant supply of water the vegetation is lush, but perhaps even more eye catching than the vegetation is the Gwisho Hot Springs.

These occur along a geological fault and are surrounded by verdant green vegetation and ivory palms. The water is forced up by convection with surface temperatures ranging from 60 to 90 C.

Another fascinating point of interest in this area is Sebanzi Hill. This site has been recently excavated and was previously an iron-age village that was inhabited for most of the last century.

There is also a baobab tree with a hollow trunk large enough for several people to sleep in. It used to be said that this tree had magical powers to protect travellers from wild animals. Even more curious are the mystical Drum Rocks. When beaten these rocks make a resonant sound.