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Marsabit National Park

Marsabit National Park is one of Kenya’s most remote and least visited national parks.

The heart of the park is extensive forest and as such it supports animals that one would not normally find in arid northern Kenya. There are elephant, rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, buffalo, warthogs, Grevy’s Zebra (which is specific to northern Kenya), reticulated giraffe, hyena and antelope.

It also has a wealth of rare birds. Lake Paradise is an enchanting spot and a good place to camp, although there are no facilities here. This is also where most of the reserve’s water birds hang out.

This said, the dense forest does not make for great game viewing unless you have lots of time. You are best advised to fly into Marsabit as the road from Isiolo is rough and has been plagued by bandits.