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Mikumi National Park

Mikumi is the fourth largest national park in Tanzania, and is traversed through its middle by the Tanzam Highway that runs between Morogoro and Iringa.

This makes Mikumi the most accessible of Tanzania’s parks (it’s just a few hours’ drive from Dar Es Salaam) but it also tempers guests’ feelings of being immersed in wildest Africa, since the road is within earshot of the Mikumi’s camps.

While the great majority of Mikumi is southeast of the highway and almost inaccesible to guests, the main feature of the park for wildlife is the Mtaka river’s floodplain, to the highway’s northwest. A Serengeti of the south, it is impressively populated with wildlife of all kinds – including predators – and can be explored at your leisure in a five- to six-hour circular drive.

As well as being replete with game, Mikumi is also an excellent birding destination with over 400 species having been recorded here.