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Namibrand Nature Reserve

The NamibRand Nature Reserve, 60 km south of Sossusvlei, is part of the largest conservation area in Namibia, and the site of some of Africa’s most breathtaking scenery.

The park is a vivid and varied fabric of all the natural beauty of the Namib. Steep, rocky mountain ranges, enormous savannahs, vegetated dunes of deep red sand, and clay pans – these are four of NamibRand’s distinct natural habitats.

Many antelope, including the predominant gemsbok [oryx], inhabit the park, as do over 100 bird species, among them Namibia’s only true endemic, the Dune Lark.

The NamibRand Nature Reserve’s fascinating variety of fauna and flora is reflected in the colours of its landscapes, which change slowly but dramatically throughout the day. A tapestry of living, shifting colours and shapes, NamibRand is a photographer’s utopia if ever there was one, but no photograph can fully capture its dynamic and silent beauty – that can be known only through experience.

The NamibRand Nature Reserve’s mission is to conserve the integrity and beauty of the land’s natural ecosystems, and all true nature lovers are invited to share in and support that mission. A set proportion of park entry fees goes directly into conservation coffers.

The park is sparsely developed, and strictly off limits to tour buses and self-driving 4x4s. A few gravel roads traverse the NamibRand, but light aircraft or balloon flights offer excellent alternatives to driving as a way to appreciate the magnificence of the reserve.

If you absolutely cannot bring yourself to experience the NamibRand first-hand, some wonderful books on the area are a distant second – these are best bought in Swakopmund.