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Sumbu National Park

Situated in the northern most tip of Zambia on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, Sumbu National Park boasts some of the most beautiful and magical shorelines of the lake. This park has everything from sandy beaches and vertical cliffs to rocky coves.

Stunning natural bays and rugged hills and peaceful valleys are found in the interior. Wood thickets cover most of the park, though there are strangler figs and succulent ‘candelabra’ aloe trees on the lakeshore. The broad Lufuba River flowing into the magnificent Lake Tanganyika, runs through the park and demarcates the eastern boundary.

Two smaller rivers also run through the park. The Nkamba River runs through an appealing valley where most of the game and wildlife is found. Along the lakeshore are the unusual ‘balancing boulders’. These strange rocks are surrounded in mystery and myth and are of great importance to the local Tabwa tribe.

On the Nundo Head Peninsula three small boulders are balanced on one another with a much larger boulder on the very top. Each year a white chicken is sacrificed in honour of the God Nundo. Kabwembwa is where the spirit of the lake is supposed to reside. As a sign of respect for the spirit, fishermen throw an offering into the water every time they pass.