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West Coast National Park

The West Coast National Park is a magnificent sight in the spring, when thousands of little flowers form a glorious bright carpet on the Postberg Peninsula. This jut of land closes around a warm shallow lagoon with little coves, sandy bays and inaccessible reed beds.

At the West Coast National Park you can swim in total safety and take part in water sports on flat, calm water. As you paddle in the shallows, a harmless sand shark may give you a fright, as they prefer to hide in the sand rather than swim away. Little prawns and other organisms thrive in the lagoon and attract thousands of migratory birds each year.

Life has been good here for a very long time. We know, for instance, that 120,000 years ago a young woman (since nicknamed ‘Eve’) walked down the wet dunes. Her perfectly preserved footprints were found in 1995. This caused great excitement around the world, as it lent credence to the evolutionary theory that man originated in Africa before migrating north.