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The temperature at the base ranges between a tropical 70–80°F. Venture further up the mountain, though, and you’ll soon see temperatures drop to lows in the -20–20°F range. Since the more comfortable you are during your hike you are also means that you’re more likely to reach Kilimanjaro’s summit, you’ll need the right jackets to […]
There are three key characteristics to look for in a pair of trekking boots. The first two – fit and quality – are decided at point of purchase. The third – use – is entirely dependent on you the wearer. Get any of these three characteristics wrong and you risk getting sore feet, injuring your […]
Best Duffel bags and Daypacks for Kilimanjaro Think of your main bag like a check-in bag on an airplane. Once you check in that bag, you don’t see it until at the baggage claim of your final destination. Once you have packed your main bag, a porter will take it from camp and bring it […]
To climb mount kilimanjaro you will need warm clothes, a good set of waterproofs, decent hiking boots and some pieces of equipment. A full list of the gear needed for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is listed below. We ask you to consider each item carefully before deciding you don’t want to bring it. Most of the […]
On Kilimanjaro you are going to walk through four climatic zones, each with its own distinct plants and animals. From the earliest part of your trek you are going to be confronted with tropical rain forest. Humidity is high and light mist or sometimes drizzle is common. Various flora such as orchids, ferns, fig and […]
On Kilimanjaro you will be trekking through 4 climatic zones. Weather can range from warm and tropical at the base of the mountain to freezing on the summit. To ensure that you remain perfectly comfortable in each zone it is critical that you understand the concept of layering with your Kilimanjaro Clothing. Being able to […]