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Kruger Private Reserves


Private reserves flank the western section of the Kruger National Park, none of them falling within the Park’s boundaries. Although guests of the private reserves will not cross into the actual park, animals move freely between the private reserves and the Kruger as about 100km of fences have been removed to allow game the freedom of movement between these man-made borders.

Your chances of seeing all of the Big Five are virtually guaranteed in the private reserves. Although conservation standards are very high in the private reserves, there are fewer restrictions than in the park, and game vehicles are allowed to leave the roads at the rangers’ discretion. The animals here also tend to be more habituated to people, allowing closer and more frequent sightings of otherwise elusive animals.

The most famous of the Kruger Private Reserves is undoubtedly the Sabi Sands. This massive private reserve flanks the park’s south-western boundary. The Sabi Sands is home to some of Africas most exclusive reserves and lodges. This prestigious list includes the likes of African safari giants like Singita, Londolozi and Mala Mala.

Guests staying in one of the private reserves around the Kruger Park will enjoy excellent guided game drives conducted by teams of rangers and trackers. Observe excitedly as your tracker locates leopard spoor and your ranger steers your vehicle through the bush and within a few metres of a leopard. Follow a lion pride as they stalk prey, or simply sit in awe as elephants amble past your vehicle.

Accommodation on the private reserves is focused solely on luxury. For many, the expense is worth it, as they enjoy superb wildlife experiences, exquisite food and pampering that often surpasses that of even the most prestigious five-star hotels.