elephant back safari
Elephant Back Safaris Zambia

Elephant Back Safari

Experience Zambia Safaris on an elephant back safari. An elephant ride on one of these magnificent and intelligent animals. What will strike you about your Elephant encounter is the immense strength and size of these giants of the bush.

How often can you climb onto the back of an African Elephant and set off at an easy rolling pace in search of other wild game; wild elephant, giraffe, buffalo and much more.

The Elephants you are riding have formed a close bond with their personal elephant handler who live permanently with the elephants and understand each elephant’s unique character. Participate in a breakfast or sunset Elephant Ride and seize the opportunity to ride on these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

View wildlife on safari on another level while riding these gentle giants. These majestic creatures will take you through the bush and enable you to see game from another perspective.

The elephants are trained to walk along side – when you first get on you feel a bit unsettled and it certainly feels a very long way down. You sit on a type of saddle with stirrups for your feet to rest in. Two people per elephant and one handler.

The sheer exhilaration of sitting on an enormous African Elephant, touching, hearing, smelling and seeing them this close is incredible.

Along the walk you get to enjoy views of the African wilderness. The African bushveld varies from dense forest to open grasslands. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets will be unforgettable as you amble along in this expansive landscape. While on your Elephant Back Safari you’ll be able to watch the herd interact with the group and the handlers, eat, play and even swim in the river. Even if only for a short while, you’ll be part of a unique inner circle.

At the end of the ride, guests are brought back to the Elephant Boma to dismount and interact with the elephants on the ground giving the guides an opportunity to make an interesting and informative explanation about the African Elephant and their relationship with man.


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