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Choosing the wrong footwear can make your safari a sour one.

Getting the wrong shoes can actually make or break your safari trip. Especially if you will be venturing into the African wilderness where there are no shops or retail store to get a shoe replacement.

This article will help you identify some comfortable shoes that you can take on your African safari.

Make sure you have walked them in before you depart for your safari so you are comfortable and comfortable with the shoes you choose.

Pack Light

While traveling you want to minimise on travel accessories and definitely leave fins, goggles and gadgets at home. Same with shoes only carry the shoes you are going to use on your travel.

You will need some light comfortable shoes or even trainers for whe you are in the cities and towns. You will need hiking shoes if you will be on safari and possibily walking on the African savannah. And finally you will need a pair of sandles or flip flops is you will be spending time at the beach and also for the evenings when you are at the lodge or hotel.


If you are walking through muddy forest conditions, sand, or river crossings, a medium-high-rise, waterproof boot with a built-in tongue will keep water and sand out and keep you comfortable.

You should expect your hiking boots to show less dirt if they are darker. Go for a comfortable, strong, and lightweight pair of shoes. For wet conditions, you must purchase a boot with traction in its soles, and you should have higher ankle padding for support and to prevent pesky ants.

If you are paranoid about being bitten by a snake, wear mid- or tall hiking boots (safari boots) instead of low hiking shoes for your ankle protection. Wearing tall hiking boots is overkill for me personally, and they can be very uncomfortable in the hot months

Don’t Pack Too Many Shoes

It is also important to pack light. Shoes are often heavy, bulky travel items and will cost you more with the airlines and also be an inconvinience while traveling.

What Kind of Shoes Should You Pack?

Consider leather shoes. Leather shoes are usually water resistant and easy to clean. If you walk thru mud, it’s much easier to throw the leather into the sink to wash which is not the case with cloth shoes and sometimes even trainers.

Synthetic safari boots do not have the classic look, but they weigh less and have more flexibility than leather boots which tend to be more expensive. In fact, most safari guides these days opt for these new style of boots due to their practicality and comfort. Why Sometimes You Need to Just Wear Normal Shoes

Weight of the shoe is also a very important factor. Finding a lightweight and durable boot is essential for walking safaris. The boot must still be able to offer you arch support and provide stability.

Our Top Picks Best Safari Shoes

Why We Love Them

These shoes are light very comfortable and handmade in Africa. They are pure leather and have rubber soles which aid in grip. They are our top pick for safari shoes and can be worn by all genders.

The Kind Of Sandals You Should Pack

You should also bring a pair of sandals or flip flops for pool areas if you will be spending some time at the pool.

Also if you are planning a coastal or beach vacation, flip flops or sandals would be appropriate.

In hot weather, you can wear flip flops everyday, but I prefer good quality sandals that have a thick sole. To avoid irritation, thick soles are designed for comfort.

You can use them to walk around camp, you should choose thick-soled sandals. Thorns are an issue in Africa, and thin-soled sandals will not protect your feet.

The best sandals I have used are from companies that make high-quality sandals that last a long time even after your African safari adventure.


It is important to pack light when going on an African safari. Comfort is very important and you shouldn’t place too much weight on your feet. It is also important to dress accordingly at the lodge and beach.


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