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One of the best things you can ever do when it comes to travel is visit Africa for an African Safari. So you may ask, How much is an African Safari?

Safaris in Africa come in all sorts of budgets and experiences, from budget camping, to mid range lodges and camps to luxury tented camps and lodges.

This means there’s something for everyone, and it’s all just waiting for you on an African safari adventure. So, as far as the cost of African safari vacations we’ll break it down for you; rest assured that you’ll find options for every budget, making this fantastic adventure yours for the taking.

When You Visit Affects How Much You Pay – Seasons Affect Cost

Visiting much of Africa during the school holidays will cost you more than visiting outside the holiday season as this is often considered high season. Another factor affection the cost of your safari will be the rains. The rains affect Africa’s National parks in serveral ways.

  1. With the rains comes plenty of water which makes it harder to see wildlife as they will not congregate near water holes so they will be more dispersed.
  2. The rains also make most of Africa’s parks except the likes of Kruger National Park in South Africa inaccessible. This is because during the rainy season the parks will be muddy and present a challenge even on a 4×4 vehicle.

Where You Go Determines What You Pay

Many have noted that Southern Africa, has a better road infrastructure and even more luxurious Safari accommodations than East Africa and is better for those wanting a self drive safari experience not to mention that camping safaris are also easier.

Having Said that, East Africa, which consists of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda offers a more authentic off the beaten track African Safari experience than Southern Africa.

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of your African safari would be to increase the number of people you are traveling with. This should reduce the cost of transport as the more people who travel in a vehicle the less the cost of transport per person.

Travel Visas

While visa regulations will vary from country to country, the average cost for a travel visa is roughly $50 USD. The best way to make certain you have all the paperwork you need for your African safari is to work with a reputable list of regulatory bodies, or talk to us Today.

Accommodation Type

As with any holiday, accommodation is going to eat up the lion’s share of your African Safari budget. Starting at the very top are the highly exclusive, luxury tented camps often found in private concessions or conservancies these will offer you not just game drives but a variety of options including night game drives, horse riding and even elephant back safaris. There are also the mid-range lodges that will offer you great accommodation but depending on where you are in Africa they may be located outside the park. Then there are budget camping also available for the budget travelers.


To know how much a safari will cost, it is important to know what factors, such as park fees and accommodation, affect the cost. Consider traveling in a lower season or choosing an option that doesn’t require air travel when moving from one park to another or from the city to the national park.

Seasonality, level of accommodation and the destinations you’re visiting all affect travel costs.


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