If your prime focus is a safari then Kenya is the better choice over South Africa. This is because Kenya has a more wild safari feel than South Africa. South Africa’s Kruger National Park is tarmac road whereas in kenya no park is tarmac.If however you want to experience more than wildlife then South Africa has a lot to offer.

South Africa has better lodges not to say that Kenya doesn’t but South Africa has lodges to meet almost every budget. In Kenya you are either going budget, mid range or luxury and you may not have a wide range in between those option.


South Africa is known for having a high crime rate from armed robbery, rape, carjacking, mugging and smash and grab attacks. Even so visitors and tourist a like visiting South Africa who stick to the main tourist areas and avoid local townships should be just fine. Kenya on the other hand is relatively safe and one should excersise the usual caution when traveling.

These Are Some Things To Do In South Africa

Visit Cape Town

Cape Town is a must see for anyone wanting to experience South Africa. It is a multi-cultural city with great views at table mountain, awesome beaches and also a shoppers paradise. Its also one of the most visited cities in Africa.

Go Scuba Diving

Cape Town is great for those wanting to go diving. The mixing of warm and cold ocean currents here make it great for scuba diving. There are also lots of wrecks to explore on the ocean floor.

Go Wine Tasting

If you are visiting the Western cape then wine tasting on South Africa’s wine land is a must do for every wine lover. South African wine tours offers travellers an opportunity to sample some of the world’s finest wines and see how they are produced. It is important to noted that unlike European wine tasting tours South Africa’s wine tasting tours don’t often include cellar tours.

Go Whale Watching

Between June and November is the perfect whale watching season in South Africa and you are likely to spot Southern right whales, Bryde’s whales and the famous killer whale.

Hermanus is the whale watching base.


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