Flamingos In Kenya

Whether you’re looking for a group safari Kenya adventure or private safari, a Kenyan safari in masai mara or amboseli national park or even Tsavo we have something for you.

Kenya Group Safaris

There are certain factor to consider when choosing to go on a group oe private safari. For most people cost will be the main advantage over a private safari where you have the whole vehicle to yourself.

Some may opt for a group safari because of the thrills of meeting of people both foreign and local during the safari.


Tour operator and hotels often take into account the number of people sharing to determine the cost per person of a safari or even a room. The more people sharing a vehicle to lower the cost per person of the safari.

This also applies to the rooms or accommodation.


The negative of a Kenya group safari is that you have to fit around set dates and travel times and these may not be flexible as compared to a private safari.

You will also have to follow the group whether it be on the daily game drives or even the time of your meals given the activities you and the group might be engaged in.

Group Safaris – Children

If you are thinking of taking your children on a safari then a Kenya group safari might not be the best option for them. Your children would enjoy a safari more if it where just you and them. It would also give them an opportunity to learn about nature as some of our child friendly safaris do. Something only a private safari can provide.

Type Of Vehicles

Independent of group size, most safari packages in Kenya are conducted in 4×4 minivans with a pop-up roof or Landcruiser jeeps. Occassionally you will come across overland trucks but these are the execption rather than the norm.


Kenya’s wildlife safaris have drawn travelers from all parts of the world for a variety of reasons. The great variety of wildlife Kenya has to offer is just one that is widely documented. Kenya offers a plethora of natural wonders, including ever-changing landscapes. The safari is an opportunity to get away from the fast-paced and polluted world and for the traveler to discover an untouched world deep in the heart of Africa.

When it comes to spotting wildlife, Kenya is renowned for offering Kenya safari travellers some of the most phenomenal game-viewing opportunities in the world. It is here that you find Masai Mara National Reserve with it annual wildebeest migration.

It is in Kenya that safari was born. A few decades ago, it was an activity reserved for rich and famous travellers or royalty. Today, it is a popular holiday destination for many different types of travelers, including those in search of the ultimate wildlife viewing experience. Whether you are looking to spot lions and zebras, hippos and crocodiles or maybe you just want to spot a rhino, the various land and marine parks are sure to offer you one of the most magical experiences of a lifetime. Mombasa to Masai Mara and Many Adventures Kenya is a great place to visit.

What To Do

A Kenya safari adventure involves many activities such as game drives in national parks and game reserves such as masai mara, amboseli and samburu. Boat rides in Lake Naivasha, Cycling in Hell’s gate National Park, photographic safaris, Bird watching, horse riding in place like Masai Mara and laikipia. Trekking inside Hell’s gate gorge, Hot air balloon safaris in masai mara, big game fishing in mombasa, cultural tours in lamu, mombasa and even masai mara.

With so much activities to choose from don’t limit yourself to the usual game drives that a Kenya classic safari has always been known for.


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