Kenya Safari Transport

The Kenya Safari industry has two vehicle types that tour operators use for transport around the country on road safaris or between safari camps and lodges. They are the safari mini van and the toyota land cruiser.

Both these vehicles are 4×4 specially adapted for safaris with a pop up roof.

A Land cruiser safari is based on specially modified 6 seater Toyota Land Cruisers with custom shock absorbers and a pop-up roof that guests can use for wildlife viewing or photography. The Toyota Land Cruisers (4×4) are the standard vehicles used in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and even Rwanda for safaris.

The modified 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers that we use for our safaris are great for African safaris and African roads.

They also provide the best experiences while on safari holidays with us. Our Toyota Land Cruiser Safari Jeeps are well designed keeping in mind legroom, space, and window seats.

One of the reasons we opt to use them is Toyota’s reliability. Unlike the higher-end Cruisers the Toyota Prados and Land crusiers Vx, this Cruiser is built on the Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series chassis and holds incredible 4×4 capabilities.

Game Drives

Our safari vehicles are also fitted with a UHF radio call, an important feature that allows a driver to communicate with other drivers during the game drive. This is especially useful when tracking game and elusive preditors like leopards.

Private game drives on 4×4 land cruiser jeeps on Kenya, Tanzania Safaris and even Uganda Safaris are a very different driving experience. A small party of 4 or 6 people have a chance to view the animals, with everyone guaranteed a window seat. Most of our jeep safaris are in the Maasai Mara and serengeti where you can spot the big 5, like the Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, rhino, elephants, big herds of wildebeest, zebra, and giraffe. We also have some jeep safari tours in Amboseli and other parks in East Africa.


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